Audio Post Production
Our Professional Audio Production services are based on a solid understanding of audio production technologies and a lifetime of experience creating, capturing, manipulating, and presenting sound. Leverage our experience as consumers and producers of great audio to achieve a clarity and presence in your audio project that will profoundly impresses your audience.

Noise Reduction: Some audio sources are less than perfect. Fortunately, we have the technology, experience, and expertise to clean up audio that needs a little help. We can reduce background noise, remove clicks and pops, and minimize hum and distortion that interferes with the sound you want.

Editing: When it's time to put it all together we can edit your audio to select the best clips, achieve the desired sequence, and create a seamless, high quality presentation you can be proud of. Our advanced digital audio editing techniques deliver pristine audio with no unwanted artifacts.

Comping: For music production, we can apply precision editing, pitch correction, timing correction, dynamics, and formant adjustments as needed to achieve "the perfect vocal." Using advanced multi-track editing techniques, we can also comp instrument tracks to achieve a polished professional result using the best parts from multiple takes. Our musical approach ensures that the final result sounds natural and represents your best performance.

Mixing: A great audio mix starts with attention to detail. So, first, we listen carefully. Then we guide each element into its own space. With the tasteful application of high quality audio effects and time tested psycho acoustic techniques, we produce a clear professional audio mix that is punchy, well balanced, and represents the mood, texture, and character intended by the artists.

Mastering: Our audio mastering process never runs from presets. Each piece gets our full attention so that we can truly capture the essence of each project and prepare it for delivery. After careful analysis, we set to work optimizing the spectral balance, audio levels, and dynamics to achieve the highest professional audio standards. Finally, we package the mastered audio for delivery as digital files or a Red Book standard CD paying special attention to details like spacing, fades, codes, and any special treatment required for the target media.


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