Audio Recording
What we hear is powerful. It draws our attention, shapes our moods, and gets stuck in our heads! Great audio makes the difference between recalling an event and experiencing the full magic of the moment.

Outside the studio: We specialize in affordable, high-quality field recording to capture special events such as lectures, recitals, school performances, concerts, and shows. Adding high quality professional audio to your project is a great way to dramatically increase the quality of your videography.

At musical events we capture audio from multiple sources, working with the live sound crew to get great audio from the mixing board and combining that with carefully placed mics to capture the audience and the venue. Our live recording and post production process delivers a professional audio recording that's "better than being there."

Inside the studio: We have an extensive knowledge of analog and digital electronics, acoustics, and recording techniques that gives us an intuitive understanding of the audio equipment we use and guides us toward the best audio recording techniques for each situation.

We welcome challenges like recording acoustic instruments: guitars, strings, woodwinds, drums, and hand percussion; and we frequently experiment with capturing unusual sources for sound design and special effects.

Whether we're recording voice prompts, podcasts, voiceovers, musical instruments, or sound effects, we have the techniques and experience to capture the magic of your performance in the studio or in the field.


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