Driven by a profound love and appreciation of great audio, audio systems and acoustics, we would love to work with you to help make your audio project the best it can be. We prefer to work on smaller audio projects, one at a time, and since we don't sell any equipment you can be sure that our focus is purely on achieving the best results.

Training: Having a great audio system is only the first step. Knowing how to use it well makes the real difference. Finding someone to "run sound" can be a big problem for bands, club owners, schools, houses of worship, etc... That's where we can provide a real advantage - by training your staff the "tricks of the trade" to make the most of the system you have.

System Design: If you don't have an audio system yet, or if the system you have should be "better", then we can design a new system to meet your needs. If you wish, we can also source the components and supervise the installation, maintenance, and operation. You can rely on us to answer a few questions, make some tweaks to your existing system, or design and build your audio system from the ground up to meet your requirements.

Special Projects: Of course, not all audio projects involve a PA system. With our extensive knowledge of analog and digital electronics, signal processing, and acoustics, we also have the ability to tackle a wide range of commercial, scientific, and experimental audio problems.

Live Sound: When you do need our help with live sound production, system design, and operation, we're ready to help with decades of experience building live sound rigs and mixing live performances.

We love this stuff. It's our passion. Let us help you achieve the best results possible from your audio system and help you create live performances that blow the audience away and keep them coming back for more.


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